The name “Congregatio Jesu” or “Congregation of Jesus” was officially adopted in 2003 in place of the title, ‘Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary’ (IBMV). Mary Ward had received an illumination in 1611 by which God instructed her to ‘Take the Same of the Society’. She knew for sure that name of the Institute must be that of Jesus. Her dream to have this name was not fulfilled during her life time. After her death, her sisters adopted the Marian name, ‘Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary(IBMV) and in 1877 under this title the Institute was approved.

The decision to adopt the name, ‘Congregation of Jesus’ was taken at the General Congregation of 2002 when the full Ignatian Constitution was adopted. Thus after 392 years Mary Ward’s founding vision was realized, and now we are known as Congregation of Jesus (C J).