In 1852, at the invitation of Bishop Hartmann, the Apostolic Vicar of Patna, a group of five IBMV (now CJ ) sisters from Munich Province (Germany) came to India. They landed in Bombay by ship and then set out for Patna. Their historic journey by bullock-cart from Bombay to Patna proves their great heroism. They left Bombay in early September and reached Patna in February 1853. The first CJ house was established in Patna in 1853. From Patna the sisters expanded their activities in the field of education and other humanitarian efforts to nearby states. In 1866, we came to Allahabad, in 1878 Nainital was established. In 1958 the provincial house was shifted from Nainital to Allahabad. In 2007, from Allahabad present Delhi province was bifurcated. For the first 7 years our provincial house was in Nainital and now we have shifted our provincial house to Rohini, Delhi with the name ‘Jesu Bhawan’.