In 1609 Mary Ward perceived the need of the time. The Catholics of England needed human formation and that was possible through educating girls and women for they had great influence in the family,  which is the centre of social life. Keeping this in mind the first boarding and day school was opened in St. Omer. Thus putting forward education as a means for her congregation to attain its end – care of youth-Mary ward intended to produce committed, dedicated and courageous young women who would be better citizens of one’s own country. The sisters of the Congregation of Jesus in Delhi province continue to educate girls in our schools and this mission has become very challenging but it is a joy to see thousands of young girls moving out of our schools well-equipped for their life in the society.


The Province runs English and Hindi medium schools and collaborates with diocese in educating boys and girls.

Besides these school our sisters collaborate with the diocese in educating children

  • St. Mary’s School, Mayur Vihar, Delhi
  • St. Mary’s Intercollege, Mauranipur
  • St. Xaviers School, Rohini, Delhi
  • St. Paul’s School, Falna, Rajasthan
  • St. Joseph’s School, Puranpur, Bareilly